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custom(er) creations

going above and beyond

Anything you want, anything you need. KaliBee’s is committed to delivering quality cut produce, and to going above and beyond others in our industry to deliver the custom creations that your business requires. Letting us customize your blends, pack sizes, or cut produce saves you valuable time, and helps to ensure that your needs are met with consistency and quality every time. Our facility was designed with the specialized equipment needed to execute even the most specific orders, big and small. And with our commitment to food safety and ongoing quality, you can rest assured that each and every order will exceed your expectations.

KaliBee’s is your one-stop-shop for all of your custom cut produce needs, especially the needs that can’t be met elsewhere. Sure, we can deliver on diced melon, and we slay at slicing squash, but our business was built for innovation. Sourcing from over 1500 fresh produce items delivered daily by our parent company, Primo Produce, you can rest assured that we start with the very best raw products, then carefully process by hand or using our state-of-the-art equipment. We want to execute the custom cuts that you won’t find at any typical cut shop; the needs you may not have even thought of yet. Contact our team to brainstorm what produce ideas could be transformative for your business.

Already know what custom cut fruit or vegetables you need, but can’t find the right pack size? KaliBee’s can customize packs for you to your exact specifications. Learn more about our specialized packing services.

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Our team is ready to help to create customized solution for your business. Reach out today by calling us at 800.774.1704 or by filling out our contact form.