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we’ve got you covered

We’ve provided some answers to many commonly asked questions below. If we have not answered your questions, please feel free to call or email us today.

what pack sizes do you offer?

We offer a full range of pack sizes – as small as 1 oz bags to as large as 30 pounds boxes. Our facility offers full customization, so we can pack and ship our fresh products in the exact size that your business needs.

exactly how customized can my order be?

The sky’s the limit! We source produce from our parent company, Primo Produce, which offers ready access to over 1500 fresh items. As far as cuts and packaging, our state-of-the-art facility can chop, slice, dice, julienne, and so much more – and then package in a variety of mediums, including boxes, bags, clamshells, vacuum-packed bags, etc.

who do you sell to?

Our facility allows us to meet the demands of distributors, institutions, manufacturers and retailers alike. Our goal is to meet any and all unanswered produce needs in this ever-changing industry.

do you service schools?

Yes, and our single serving pack sizes are especially popular with the schools we service. We can prepare your selection of “Grab ‘n Go” items; perfectly packed for students.

can you pack and ship meal kits?

Yes! At KaliBee’s, we are equipped to pack a variety of different styles of meal kits, from Ready To Eat (RTE) to Ready To Cook (RTC). Contact our team to discuss how we can prepare, package, and ship meal kits for your company.

do you offer uncut fresh produce?

Our parent company, Primo Produce, is a full-service produce supply company that has been servicing the larger Mid-Atlantic area since 1991. Primo supplies all of our cut and prepared produce, but can also provide you with your uncut needs! Let our team know what we can source for you.

once ordered, how do I get my product?

All KaiBee’s and Primo items are delivered on refrigerated trailers to your chosen destination. Our trailers are maintained to SQF standards to keep your products fresh, and are serviced regularly to ensure quality transport.

what is your delivery range?

KaliBee’s is currently serving the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions: ranging approximately from Virginia to Boston to Pittsburgh. Curious if we can deliver to your area? Contact our team today.